Let’s say you are in the “Bay Area” and need an excellent answering service – What Bay Area? Florida? Virginia? San Francisco? – It doesn’t matter where you are, you can have your calls answered anywhere, regardless of what state you are in. Do you have satellite offices in all 50 states or in another… Read More

Doing business online? Search engines are the gatekeepers, and they want to know that you actually exist. Citation listings can help confirm your legitimacy. Citations include any mention of your business on websites that are not your own, and typically consist of your business’s name, address, and phone number (collectively known as NAP). If you… Read More

Your company needs a blog. It’s as simple as that. Check out these numbers from inbound marketing guru Hubspot: • An active blog can generate 97% more inbound links to your website. • 92% of companies that blog multiple times per day have acquired new customers as a result. • B2B marketers who blog receive… Read More

We really can act as your receptionist, answering your calls, connecting the callers you want to talk to, taking messages from others so you can call them back at your convenience. We can deliver messages, to your callers, too. Give us a list of the answers to your FAQs and we can sound like we… Read More

Bitcoin is being described as cyber money, virtual currency and cryptocurrency. It is a method of using technology to speed up financial transactions and reporting. Transactions are made with no middle men – meaning, no banks – and no transaction fees! The system works without a central repository, they are not tied to any country… Read More

1. Choose a regular tme to look at your money and bills each week so that things don’t pile up. 2. Put all important records and documents in one place, so that you can find them easily. 3. Create a budget. 4. Consider bank accounts that allow you to put money aside for essentals in… Read More

When we hire someone, one of the most important things we look for is “nice”. We can teach people about out equipment; we can teach protocols; we can’t teach “nice”. Either we care about our fellow man, or we don’t. Either we are intuitively kind, or we’re not. We look for articulate, well educated, “nice”… Read More

When we are handling your calls – every single second is productive. Every minute you are charged means either our people, or our platform, are actively performing on your behalf. Every adjustment we make is with an eye to keeping labor costs down and service quality UP!… Read More

Welcome to Answer Page and Messaging Answering Service’s debut blog post! We’d like to thank our loyal customers, as well as our hardworking employees. This will be a space for sharing thoughts and information about what it is we do and more! Also, be sure to check us out on Facebook. Happy New Year!!… Read More

Remember when the gas station attendant filled the tank, cleaned the windshield, took our payment and brought back the change? When the cost of gas sky-rocketed the station owner saved labor costs – and held prices down by “letting” us pump our own gas. Today, we have consoles at our tables in restaurants so we… Read More