Voicemail is in the past! Web and mobile-based communications are taking over as our primary means of contact. Statistics revealed by Forbes magazine indicate that 80 percent of callers who reach voice mail don’t leave messages because they don’t think they’ll even be heard. Speech technology vendor Nuance Communications recently conducted a survey with Research Now and found that 95 percent… Read More

“I don’t care if I never answer my phone again!” The frustration in his voice came through loud and clear. “I told my customer I would have his deck finished today. When he came home from work, half the deck boards still had to go down, and the railing had to go up. I thought I’d never… Read More

Less than two decades ago, more than 85% of American workers worked for a specific company. Today over 40% of us identify ourselves as free-lancers, self-employed, independent contractors, on-demand workers, or Gig-workers; these titles all refer to Contingency Workers. These are non-permanent workers who are hired by companies on a temporary basis to fill gaps.… Read More

People love flashy designs. Boring old words, not so much. That’s why far too many companies place an emphasis on their website’s design first. They want the flash, not the function. It’s a backwards way of thinking; the definition of putting the cart before a blindfolded horse – and then shooting the horse. It can… Read More

Cyber-crime is happening more frequently and with greater consequences. Here are eight things that will help protect your computer. Buy and register legitimate software. Unregistered software can’t receive the updates designed to protect computers from outside attacks. Install updates as soon as you are notified of their existence. Invest in an Antivirus program with a… Read More

What? EMV Card?? EMV (the original name for this technology) stands for “Europay, MasterCard and Visa” (the three companies that developed this card with the chip). It is a global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions. These cards have a small metallic square containing an integrated circuit (computer… Read More

It probably began in the early 1970’s with the gas shortage – when we learned to pump our own gas – “for our convenience”. Today we do SO much more ourselves from self-service checkouts at stores to making appointments online. We are always told it is for our convenience – and perhaps for a growing majority it truly… Read More

Tis the season of organization! For the past month, store ads have been touting racks, bins, boxes and software that will help us eliminate clutter and accomplish more – rather than spending time looking for things. We know it is not always easy to make sure things stay organized. Finding information easily is one reason we suggest… Read More

What is Encryption and Why Do We Need to Care About It? Encryption is the process of encoding a message or information so that only authorized parties can read it. In our industry we handle Personal Health Information (PHI) which is protected under the HIPAA-HITECH laws, and also credit card information. In certain instances we… Read More