More than two-hundred-thousand people were victims of the WannaCry computer virus last spring! This vicious malware blocked access to files and forced owners to pay a ransom in bitcoin to unlock their data – which often still didn’t work. Two-months earlier, Microsoft had issued a routine update which would have blocked the virus!
Cyber-crime is happening more frequently and with greater consequences. Here are eight things that will help protect your computer.

1. Buy and register legitimate software. Unregistered software can’t receive the updates designed to protect computers from outside attacks.
2. Install updates as soon as you are notified of their existence.
3. Invest in an Antivirus program with a good reputation, and keep it updated.
4. Have a Pop-Up Blocker running on your web-browser. This protection keeps potentially dangerous ads from your screen.
5. Never open e-mail attachments from people you don’t know, or e-mails you are not expecting from people you do know. Check to be sure they sent it first.
6. Avoid clicking on links and delete unsolicited e-mails. When you click on something you are “inviting” them into your computer, and antivirus programs may not be able to assist in removing them.
7. Immediately exit any websites you have been routed to without your consent.
8. Back up your important files to an external drive or remote storage service regularly.