Less than two decades ago, more than 85% of American workers worked for a specific company. Today over 40% of us identify ourselves as free-lancers, self-employed, independent contractors, on-demand workers, or Gig-workers; these titles all refer to Contingency Workers. These are non-permanent workers who are hired by companies on a temporary basis to fill gaps. What’s more, both the contractors and the employers LOVE the arrangement. For the employer there is flexibility, lower fixed costs and better skills; all on an “as needed” basis.

For the contingency worker who also enjoys flexibility, this arrangement allows them to control their schedule, their rules, their income and their accountability. Currently the average business uses about 15% of their employee budget for contingency workers. Within five years that it is expected that four out of every 10 workers in a company will be contingency, or “gig” employees.

Knowing this trend is increasing will allow each of us to plan our company growth with more assurance. Telephone answering services will assist both. Employers will be using our services to fill in for, or even completely replace their phone staff. Gig workers find their answering service gives them uninterrupted work time and their own virtual assistant to help keep their company organized. Our ability to work within each company’s computer programs (through a controlled portal) increases that flexibility and cost savings for both business owners. Everyone wins.