We can and should delegate more, but three things stop us:
We don’t think anyone can do the task as well as we can. We don’t think through what to delegate and how to do it. We don’t think we have TIME to teach someone else.
We would be wrong on all three counts! Delegating does take some planning, but it’s worth the effort it takes. Once you delegate a task, it frees you to do more important things. One business maven said, “The first thing I delegated in my first company was opening the mail and preparing the deposit. As much as I loved seeing those checks come in, I needed that time to work ON my business.” Next, she delegated customer service. “Most client calls come down to just a few issues; when a plan for handling each was determined, the calls were directed to my assistant; now only complicated customer service problems needed to be escalated to me.”
Delegating to your answering service is almost exactly like delegating to an office assistant. When you plan how you want each task executed, the real work has been done. Set the parameters for the job and enjoy another
block of time. We have clients who NEVER answer their
own phone; it is all left up to us, and they are very pleased with their service. Ask us how to give YOU more Time!