Our industry is a well-kept secret! A recent conference focused on how to“Rebrand” our services so that people would pay attention to the new services we offer. This is not the first time we have tried to reinvent ourselves. We have tried Contact Center, Call Center, Telemessaging Company, and TeleServices Company, and we still hear, “Oh, this is a Telephone Answering Service.”

Yes, we ARE an answering service (a very good one) and we do so much more in today’s business environment than we could in the past. We answer e-mails, provide Chat for your website and work (through a portal you provide) directly in your software. We make appointments, check shipping and deliveries, take orders and bill your client’s credit cards. We send information to you or your callers via smart phones, computers and voice. And, we answer phones, take messages and deliver them to the appropriate people just as we always have.

So yes ,we are the Telephone Answering Service, but we can do so much more!