Every day someone out there is looking for a new way to get at your data! Software vendors scramble to stay one step ahead of the bad people, issuing updates to remove newfound vulnerabilities (back doors, hacks). However, to protect your computer, YOU must apply the updates

Windows Updates should be performed every month as soon as they are released. Special updates released outside of the normal once a month routine should also be applied. Many of these updates contain security patches that help protect you from hackers!

Antivirus updates should be performed when they are available – do not ignore the box telling you there’s an update to the program or virus definitions. If you do not have an updated antivirus program, then you are leaving your system vulnerable to disaster.

NEVER open or download files from people you do not expect a file from or people you do not know. Should you receive an email from someone you recognize, but it looks suspicious, compose a new email directly to them and ask them if they sent you a file and what it is.

Finally, most windows updates require a restart; simply downloading them will not protect your computer. Be sure to do the restart so that the process is completed and your computer has accepted the new information and is fully protected.