Once upon a time we believed that 1 of 7 unhappy customers would complain, the rest would quietly leave. We also surmised that the average customer would tell 3 – 5 people when they were thrilled and 12 – 15 when they were upset. That was then.

This is now. We have gotten “hardened” to poor service and we won’t take it anymore! Customers are more willing to voice their displeasure, and with less tact and diplomacy then in the past. Take note – these clients who complain are our biggest assets! Acknowledge and fix their problem promptly and you will likely have a customer for life. Fail to do so and they will leave; but they won’t go quietly! And they’re NOT going to just tell 12 to 15 people. Between the internet and the “send” button it takes just one gesture for angry clients to tell hundreds of people before they have had a chance to cool down and become more reasonable.

Today, excellent customer service is probably more important than excellent products and services. When things go wrong they need to be addressed as quickly as possible. Here at your service we teach our agents to recognize when a caller is unhappy and to respond to their anger appropriately. Our goal is to help your clients understand your concern and to assist them as quickly as possible.