We say it so casually, “This is a 24 -hour business” – “Yep, 24/7 – 365 days a year” – “Uh-ha, even Christmas!” It’s a big commitment. We are always here for you. We staff 8,760 hours a year. Our training alone takes weeks; it is important we take time to teach the nuances of our various protocols, details about each client, and most importantly, our philosophy. We are here to help your business grow.

When we hire someone, one of the most important things we look for is “nice”. We can teach people about out equipment; we can teach protocols; we can’t teach “nice”. Either we care about our fellow man, or we don’t. Either we are intuitively kind, or we’re not. We look for articulate, well educated, “nice” people and we interview many before we choose one person to join our company. This is interesting work; no two days are alike; it’s challenging but it is the perfect job for the people who make their “home” with us. They love what they do and they love helping your callers; they understand that they are a part of your company and helping you grow. If you know someone who would be perfect for us, please suggest they contact us. Hopefully we will be perfect for them.