“I don’t care if I never answer my phone again!” The frustration in his voice came through loud and clear. “I told my customer I would have his deck finished today. When he came home from work, half the deck boards still had to go down, and the railing had to go up. I thought I’d never get done. If my phone rang once it must have rung 25 times, and nothing was urgent!” Shaking his head, he asked, “What can you do to help me?”

We’ve heard that story before in various forms. It takes more than a smart phone and an answering machine to run a small business. Keep the smart phone, it is invaluable, but trade in that answering machine for an answering service – ours to be exact! With our agents fielding your calls, you can work without interruption. You can be confident that we’ll call or text you with anything you need to know about now, and answer questions or take messages for things that can wait.

When a call comes in that we know you need to take, we’ll call you. If you don’t answer, we’ll immediately text the message to your phone. You can even ask us to call the client back for you. Let us act as your administrative assistant; tell us what to tell your callers and we can keep them up to date. We can even work with your calendars and schedule calls and appointments for you. Talk to us; we can do a LOT to keep you working without interruptions!