We have all heard that truth a hundred times, but never has it made more sense than it did for one of our clients. A fairly new customer, called us with a complaint; his bill was higher than he had anticipated and it seemed to increase every month. “What is going on?” he wondered. We did, too. So we began reviewing the setup of his account profile, his message format and the number of messages he received. Yes, the number of messages had been creeping up, and this month it had nearly doubled. Knowing his business was seasonal, we explained that his call volume had increased. “But, it shouldn’t have!”he argued, “This is not the time of year for it to go up.” Back to the drawing board!

This time we printed all his messages for the billing period and begin sorting them according to the callers’ needs. There were employee calls, service calls, service person was late or a no-show, repeat calls for service. Hmmm. We looked at the times the calls came in; there should have been no calls to the service during their regular office hours of 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM but there were! Most were within an hour of opening or closing times and a few around the lunch hour; but there was one entire afternoon when we took over 30 calls. THAT might run up his bill.

By running a report and reviewing a month of calls it was easy to see the pattern. It was obvious that some of his people weren’t doing their jobs. There should not have been calls because service people were late or never arrived. There should not have been calls from customers who had not received prompt return calls. And clearly the office was not opening on time.

You have our service so that when people can’t be at their desk on time, your customers can still reach you; we’re here so that your customers have the attention they need. We’ve got your back, and your reputation. But when your employees begin to take advantage – it is going to reflect on the bill. We are happy to provide a report showing the messages from an entire billing period for your review. It might be an eye-opener. Even when everyone is doing their job exactly as they are supposed to, this kind of review often shows us ways to lower your bills, and increase your caller’s convenience. Call our customer care team to arrange a review soon.