“I’d probably use your services, but I know you’ve got a lot of plumbers on your service, how do I know my calls will come to me and not accidentally go to my competition?” asked a fellow I met at the Chamber meeting. From time to time this question comes up and I can proudly say I have never had that happen in all the years we’ve been in business. Each of our customers forwards their lines to a specific phone number here at your service. When your business phone is called, the number comes directly to your business line here. All your company information immediately pops to the computer screen of the person who will answer the call. Beginning with your company’s name, and all the questions you want answered on your message form, to the account profile that you have helped us design with your company’s information – everything our agent sees is all about YOU.
At any time, our clients can request the ability to listen to a call we have taken on your behalf. You have every right to hear how your company is being represented. Often our clients tell us that we do a better job of making their callers feel welcome than their own employees do. It’s our JOB to represent you well, and we take pride in doing so. You can trust us!