Whenever someone new comes on board, whether an employee or a customer, a great policy is to wait a few weeks and then ask, “Is our service exceeding your expectations? Is there something you don’t understand or that we could do differently that would make our service work better for you?” Such valid questions, and such varied answers, come from this kind of discussion. So often we do things because, “That’s the way we’ve always done it.” Times, and technology, things that made sense a year ago, might not make sense now, and people with no preconceived notions – or ingrained habits may be able to see things more clearly than we do.

Recently a new employee asked why we followed specific steps for a client.
Instead of a quick answer, “Because that’s the way the client has asked us to do it,” we realized there was a better way! After a phone call and a short discussion, we have a happier client who is paying less for service that is now faster. We have a much happier staff, because we have automated a series of manual steps, which makes for less mistakes. All because someone new questioned something old! Perhaps it’s time to review YOUR account to see if there is a better way. Give us a call; we’re here for you.