When we say the words, “Order taking” a certain image comes to mind. A catalogue, an order form, putting letters and numbers in boxes to facilitate the purchase of something. Order taking evolved from paper forms, to calling an 800 number, to simply going onto a website, highlighting the items and dragging them to a “shopping cart”. Today “Order taking” is just as likely to be an app on your smartphone.

Order placing (and order taking) has become so easy that it is replacing brick and mortar stores. People insist upon a simple way to make their choice – and have it magically arrive, or they take their business elsewhere. Most of the time ordering goods and services works very well. BUT WHEN IT DOESN’T WE WANT PERSONAL ASSISTANCE, and we want it FAST!

Your answering service should be the next line of contact when your customer needs personal assistance. Assistance, personal assistance right NOW requires a voice. Let us be that voice for you.