Tis the season of organization! For the past month, store ads have been touting racks, bins, boxes and software that will help us eliminate clutter and accomplish more – rather than spending time looking for things. We know it is not always easy to make sure things stay organized. Finding information easily is one reason we suggest our clients receive their messages via e-mail as a backup. E-mail programs allow sorting, which can be done by date, or key words. It is easy to point messages from the answering service to their own file within your system where you will be able to access them easily in the future.

When we page someone in your company, and deliver the message to them, we know that information does not always make it back to the office. Occasionally important messages fall through the cracks. By
having every message also sent toyour e-mail, either as individual messages as they come in – or one batch e-mail daily – you have an orderly record of all the transactions that were handled through your service each day. Double checking eliminates things from falling through the cracks. In addition, our message platform allows us to archive messages (by date) for long periods of time. If you ever do need to find a specific message, let us know and we will do our best to assist you.