We spend thousands of dollars and thousands of hours building our businesses every year. THINK of all the time you spend posting on social media. Think of the dollars that go into search engine optimization – to bring your company name to the top of the heap. Look back on the number of lunches, breakfasts and happy hour mixers you have attended to promote your company. With all that investment – why would anyone allow their phones to be answered by machines or voice mail? People HATE voice mail! Why? Why!! Why would a business owner subject a potential new client to an automated answer?! Research says 69% of first time callers to a business call another company if they reach voice mail.

There is a misconception that answering services aren’t professional – NOT TRUE! Many companies have their answering service handle every single call, day or night. If you haven’t talked with us lately, you’ll be amazed at what we can do for you, expertly, proficiently and reasonably!