Why on EARTH would anyone post THAT on social media?” It’s something we’ve all thought at one time or another. It is amazing that we see off-color words and such ridiculous and embarrassing comments posted for the whole world to see. Obviously, there are times when that little voice says, “Maybe I should think about this before I push send”, doesn’t whisper loud enough! Employers now check Facebook, Instagram and other sites. Are the things you post things you want just anyone to see?

All kinds of posts get connected and suddenly things that you through were private are popping up everywhere, through tagging or sharing. Unless you carefully create your sites so that most things are kept private, what you post can become “public domain”. Imagine that adorable photo of your child playing with a puppy suddenly appearing on a site for child models. A mean or untrue remark credited to you on a political site. When things like this happen, there isn’t much you can really do. So, it’s best to be careful to begin with.

Before you post on a social media site, read all that boring small print in the user agreement. That way you will be aware if the site now has “worldwide license to use any IP (intellectual property) content you post…”. Don’t give away your rights, your property, or your photos, without understanding exactly what the company can do with them. For your own protection – read the fine print.