It’s almost a new year (and decade!) and you have a task to do! Your insurance provider has no doubt reminded you, often, to keep clear and accurate records of all your valuables both at home and at work. Easier said than done. But those records could save you thousands and thousands of dollars should you have a fire, flood or other disaster. It’s easy to do it.

Simply pick up your smart phone, set it on video, and begin walking around your office or home. As you walk, open cupboards and drawers and describe the contents. Identify all the important pieces of your life and business. No procrastinating – just do it – “Wait, you want me to take video of my office? Oh, let me clean off this shelf, and I need to get this pile of paperwork out of the way. Wait, that looks terrible; maybe I’ll do it tomorrow or next week; yeah, next week would be better.” Whoa! A messy background is much less important than getting it done. After a disaster you simply can’t remember everything that’s NOT there.

When you have finished a room, it’s easy to download the files to a computer for safekeeping. If you just can’t stand to document the messy parts – get busy. Every office needs to be decluttered once in a while!