The myriad of things we can/should/might/ do to make our company successful can be overwhelming. Technology, finances, employees, insurance, customer service, marketing, customers – too much to do and too little time to do it. The order of this list is not random, but rather in the likely order of the demand on your time. Notice that the customer came last. NOT the squeaky customer, no, the quiet, unassuming, bread and butter customer, came last. The customers we cherish the most are patient, appreciative, understanding and … well, ignored. There just isn’t time for them! Yet these are the customers who leave because they don’t feel valued.

What if… you could have someone special call them JUST to say they are appreciated? Just a quick call, “Hi, my name is Jean, and I’m calling for Tom Jones, at XYZ. He asked me to reach out to you and say ‘Thanks” for being our customer.” Is there anything that we can do for you? Is everything OK with your service?”

What if … WE make that call for you? Your clients will feel good about being “touched”! Occasionally someone will have a question or an issue; when that happens a message can be taken and passed along to you so you can handle it right away. The important thing is that your excellent customers will not feel forgotten or ignored, and they won’t go away.