Looking hard at what we do and why we do it will often result in significant savings. We all know that UPS is one of the cheapest guys in town when it comes to saving money. (That is a compliment.) In 2004 they actually created a navigational program to map driving routes with mostly right turns because making a left turn on a 2-way street is time consuming. UPS, with over 96,000 trucks on the road, saves several seconds for every left turn eliminated; amounting to many millions of dollars saved in gas costs. The plan has saved significant time and labor as well.

Small businesses often find it difficult to find savings since we don’t have the power of economies of scale. But those businesses that use their answering service as a true contact center CAN and DO achieve savings on a grander scale than others. Just about anything you can do with your communications in house can be done through your partnership with your answering service/contact center – for LESS! (Usually much Less)

When was the last time you investigated the possible savings? Do you know what can be achieved with today’s technology? The reports can be generated and available for you to download. If you want to see a significant savings, look at outsourcing your communications to us and concentrate on running your business, perhaps with fewer people.