Silo-mentality. The silo is that pattern we see when each department within a company operates as a stand-alone unit. Often each department has their own goals and boundaries, sees the company only from their perspective. This territorial attitude makes it difficult for employees to understand your customer’s experience with your company. Your business is not just the sales, service or customer care departments, it is the sum of these, and that unification is what you want your clients to see.

Every individual in your company needs to see the consumer’s experience as a whole. Every touch point your customers have with your company is a part of who they think you are, and that determines your success. The promises made by your sales people should be the goals delivered by your service agents and reinforced by your customer care staff, it is their joint responsibility. Reach out to your employees now, nudge them out of their silo and into the big picture of your company. Make sure they understand how they “fit” and while you are doing so – reach out to your answering service, too. We are also your employees; and we play a part in the service you deliver. Make sure we know where we fit, too; and how we can best work as part of your team to create customer satisfaction and loyalty!