The holiday season can be the busiest time of year, and then we will say goodbye to the decade. In spite of our best laid plans, nothing of great importance seems to get done. Oh yes, there are times when we have a big push to complete a special project or mission, but for the most part our lives during this period have one interruption after another. Do not despair!

This is the perfect time for “small plates” of work. Single tasks that need to be done, but never get scheduled. Now is the time to …

  • Review your account profile at your answering service, eliminate old information and provide new updates.
  • Be sure your ducks are in a row for year-end taxes, while you can still make adjustments.
  • Review the marketing plan that began in January 2016 – Was it effective?
  • Take a look at the first quarter of 2017 and determine assignments for futuregrowth.
  • Be sure you have disaster recovery plan – and how your answering service fits in.
  • Have Focus — call your clients and complete a customer satisfaction survey. And while on the subject of the answering service, vow not to underestimate our usefulness. As labor costs continue to sky-rocket, give real thought to what in-house jobs you might be able to outsource to your service. If it takes a phone – we can probably help. Talking to us is another of those small “get it done” tasks that can really make a difference.