People love flashy designs. Boring old words, not so much.
That’s why far too many companies place an emphasis on their website’s design first. They want the flash, not the function. It’s a backwards way of thinking; the definition of putting the cart before a blindfolded horse – and then shooting the horse. It can derail your project before it even leaves the gates.

Designing a site without content in place can add countless hours, delays, and undue frustration to a project. Designers must wade in blindly and attempt to guesstimate a layout based on a vague or undefined concept. When the eventual content does not fit like a glove, numerous rounds of rewrites, cuts, and other edits ensue.

Putting content first gives your designer the upper hand. Core messaging and slogans can be placed where they belong, not simply where they fit when all is said and done. Most importantly, poor content translates into poor reception 100 percent of the time. It affects everything, top to bottom, from your SEO to social media, and can and will result in low rankings, high bounce rates, and conversion malaise.