Every once in a while we get a call that doesn’t quite fit the protocol for your account profile. You have given us the circumstances in which we are to reach out to you, either by phone, text or e-mail, to deliver a message from a caller. You may have very explicit directions regarding when and how we should hold or deliver messages. About 98% of the time there is no doubt in our minds how a message should be handled. Then there is that other 2% when there is something troubling about following the protocol.

It happens when we have someone who is insistent that you really MUST be called immediately; it is that important. You have given us a list of reasons why we should call you – but a caller can sometimes convince us that you may never have thought of this particular scenario. Or perhaps we are worried about a message. Is it threatening? Is it time sensitive?

These are the possibilities we ask our agents to consider when they are responsible for your calls. There may be a time when our agents decide to call you with a message that does not quite follow your protocol. We call that a “courtesy call” or “calling to advise”. We want to err on the side of caution. Our motto is “When in doubt – dispatch it out!” I would much rather have a client annoyed because we bothered him then upset because we didn’t!