Would it help if we could check the status of a job and let your callers know where things stand?” That was the question one of our agents asked recently when she saw our customer had three status callbacks to make to his clients. His answer was, “Nah, all that info is in my computer; I have no way to send it to you and then keep it updated. I really need an office assistant but I’d rather have another mechanic and I can’t afford both.” The dialogue that followed has saved him thousands of dollars. We showed him that by giving us access to his computer, (only the specific information callers wanted) we could immediately apprise his customers of the progress without
interrupting him.

This customer rebuilds and customizes motorcycles; now when a client calls to check on their bike our agent brings up his program, opens the spread sheet and checks to see where things stand. “I can see that your bike is in the painting process today. The customized artwork will take place tomorrow, and we still have a completion date of this Friday.

Is there anything else I can do to assist you, sir?” The client didn’t have to wait for a call back and there were no interruptions for our business owner so he stayed on time. Our receptionist service allowed this customer to save the cost of another employee – and concentrate on business.