Remember when the gas station attendant filled the tank, cleaned the
windshield, took our payment and brought back the change? When the
cost of gas sky-rocketed the station owner saved labor costs – and held
prices down by “letting” us pump our own gas. Today, we have consoles at our
tables in restaurants so we can pay for our meals without assistance; keeping
costs down, and paving the way to need less labor when minimum wage goes up.
If business owners can figure out ways NOW to prepare for this eventuality we
will all be ahead. We all need to find ways to automate and outsource – it saves

It’s important to pay our people well! We care about them. But, to stay in
business we must find ways to save. We are offering OUR clients the ability to
change their own on-call information, it’s convenient and simple. Yes, it saves us
labor – and it also saves YOU money. More importantly, customers are
outsourcing more to us; requesting more sophisticated assistance. When we
make appointments, send information, or check the status of an order right in
your software, we are helping YOUR business save labor, and money. We are
paid only for the minutes we work for you, your employees are paid by the hour,
plus benefits. Take a look at the ways you can save labor/money by asking us to
do more. You will be amazed!