Freedom with Virtual Office

Virtual Office by Answer Page & Messaging allows you to escape the confines of four walls, the phones, fax, copiers and hardware that tie you to a specific location.

In today’s world, your office can be wherever you are – any time of the day or night, with the help of Answer Page.

We have the technology to answer your phones just like your personal secretary, including appointment setting. We can speed information along to you immediately via phone, fax, email or text messaging on your wireless device. You might be on another job, busy with a client or at the golf course, at the lake, or in an important meeting, but wherever you are, you’re in touch and ready to respond.

  • Save  over other local services
  • 80% of all calls answered on or before the third ring
  • Average hold time is less than 30 seconds
  • Live telephone secretaries
  • Verification and recording

More than Corporate Call Processing

We provide a variety of special call processing applications and numerous service benefits to ensure that your clients are always getting the care and attention they deserve, including:
Services - Customized Call Processing Application - Hudson FL
  • Dealer and Product Location Services with Literature Fulfillment
  • Lead Generation Programs and Qualifying Surveys
  • Personalized Quality Assurance Programs
  • Daily, 24/7 Message Center — Dispatch Service Options Available
  • Alpha Pagers — Eliminates Priority Concerns
  • Email Messaging — Incoming Email Assistance
  • Email Response — Outgoing Email Assistance
  • Message Faxing — Faxes on Your Desk the Next Business Day
  • Active Messaging Services — Until the Recipient is Found
  • Response Line for Help Wanted Ads — Pre-Qualify Applicants
  • Product Ordering and Catalog Entry Programs — Online Credit Card Verification
  • Four-County Messaging Services — Voicemail, Text Messaging, Email and Fax
  • Form Completion Service — Claims, Applications and Paperwork
  • Internet Order Taking

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