During the holidays we discovered that the main address we have for some of our clients is no longer correct; especially when your invoices go to a different address. It’s easy to forget to tell us when you move to a different suite, a different street or, in one case, a different STATE!

It isn’t unusual for us to be the last to know what is happening. When we are doing our job correctly we function in the background, keeping you in touch with your clients and callers with as little fuss and attention as possible. It’s not just addresses that change; we have sometimes been in the dark about major personnel changes, too. Occasionally, we find we have someone listed in an account profile that has not worked with that company for a year or two. It happens when that person is only a backup and is rarely ever called. When employees leave a company, no one thinks to let us know.

Give it some thought. If you have had some major changes in the last year or two, call our Customer Care team and ask to review your account profile. Bringing things up to date is a great way to begin the year.