In this age of tightened security, we want you to know we offer “password protection” for your account and your messages. This is not something new; throughout the years we have had many instances where a client has requested that we do not give out messages without first asking for a password. We thought we should bring this back to your attention because it has been a while since we talked about it.

Your messages are encrypted by our platform electronics as we send them to you via e-mail or text. But when you call in to verbally receive a message we simply trust that we are giving them to the person authorized to receive them. Ninety-five percent of our clients have no need of a password when they retrieve their messages; their information would not be helpful to anyone other than their own company employees. However, a small handful of customers have very competitive businesses and the knowledge that only one of their own people with a passcode can pick up a message might be very reassuring.

If you would like more information about encryption – or verbal password protection for your messages, please call us during regular business hours. We are always happy to discuss your service with you.