Ladies and Gentlemen, baseball season is upon us!! Who will pitch and who will be on deck?

It’s not unlike the planning you do for your own business. If you have people on-call for after-hours emergencies, you create your own lineup. You send us a list, (either weekly or monthly) giving us the primary person to call, and the backup. As soon as you send that schedule there is bound to be a change; there is an injury, a game goes into extra innings, and now another pitcher is needed. Schedules almost NEVER stay as they were planned. That means notifying the answering service of the changes! If someone forgets, the wrong person is called; that’s a nightmare, for you and for us.

Did you know YOU can cost effectively change your own on-call any time you need to? You can change it from your computer, or your smartphone or tablet, and it‘s SO easy. When you need to change the lineup, you tap a few keys, and it’s all taken care of. Ask us about changing your own on-call today – begin the season with a better way to know who’s on first!