Some people succeed because they are destined to, but most people succeed because they are determined to. -Roscoe Dunjee… Read More

Many people say that time is their biggest obstacle to achieving their goals. Time is not their issue – It’s energy. Structure your day so you work on your toughest goals during your high energy times. You can get more done in two hours with high energy than most people do in an 8 hour work day.… Read More

Ever stumble upon an unresponsive website on your smartphone? Irritating, right? Trying to decipher the copy made you feel like you were taking a twisted eye exam and you spent more time than you’re comfortable admitting pinching the screen, trying to zero in on the “Contact Us” button. A website is considered “responsive” when its components – images, fonts,… Read More

When we say the words, “Order taking” a certain image comes to mind. A catalogue, an order form, putting letters and numbers in boxes to facilitate the purchase of something. Order taking evolved from paper forms, to calling an 800 number, to simply going onto a website, highlighting the items and dragging them to a “shopping cart”. Today “Order taking” is… Read More

The Internet exploded in the late 1980s. Then, a tentative vehicle for storing and transferring information, now, connecting billions of people around the world; it’s taken three decades. The blockchain, which drives bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is now at that same starting point and will probably balloon in less than ten years. Some call the… Read More

Looking hard at what we do and why we do it will often result in significant savings. We all know that UPS is one of the cheapest guys in town when it comes to saving money. (That is a compliment.) In 2004 they actually created a navigational program to map driving routes with mostly right… Read More

If you haven’t been personally introduced to Siri, at least you know about her. She’s fun, she says audacious things if you ask the right question, and she knows just about everything you want to know! Siri is a “Chatbot”, a robot that simulates human conversation, and she may be living in your iPhone. (You can also… Read More

Less than two decades ago, more than 85% of American workers worked for a specific company. Today over 40% of us identify ourselves as free-lancers, self- employed, independent contractors, on-demand workers, or Gig-workers; these titles all refer to Contingency Workers. These are non-permanent workers who are hired by companies on a temporary basis to fill gaps.… Read More

Most of us equate the word stress with distress. We are overwhelmed, besieged, depressed. It happens a lot around this time of year. Too much to do, not enough time to do it in – and,more often than not – not enough money to do it with. It can take the joy out of life.… Read More

During the holidays we discovered that the main address we have for some of our clients is no longer correct; especially whenyour invoices go to a different address. It’s easy to forget to tell us when you move to a different suite, a different street or, in one case, a different STATE! It isn’t unusual… Read More