Every day someone out there is looking for a new way to get at your data! Software vendors scramble to stay one step ahead of the bad people, issuing updates to remove newfound vulnerabilities (back doors, hacks). However, to protect your computer, YOU must apply the updates. Windows Updates should be performed every month as… Read More

There has been a steady climb in internet piracy over the past decade, and ransomware – barely heard of a year ago is now a serious threat. Here is the way it works – you click on an on-line ad or e-mail attachment and instantly malware attacks and blocks your files. You will soon receive… Read More

Most of us equate the word stress with distress. We are overwhelmed, besieged, depressed. It happens a lot around this time of year. Too much to do, not enough time to do it in – and, more often than not – not enough money to do it with. It can take the joy out of… Read More

In this age of tightened security, we want you to know we offer “password protection” for your account and your messages. This is not something new; throughout the years we have had many instances where a client has requested that we do not give out messages without first asking for a password. We thought we… Read More

Our industry is a well-kept secret! A recent conference focused on how to “Rebrand” our services so that people would pay attention to the new services we offer. This is not the first time we have tried to reinvent ourselves. We have tried Contact Center, Call Center, Telemessaging Company, and TeleServices Company, and we still… Read More

Ever stumble upon an unresponsive website on your smartphone? Irritating, right? Trying to decipher the copy made you feel like you were taking a twisted eye exam and you spent more time than you’re comfortable admitting pinching the screen, trying to zero in on the “Contact Us” button. A website is considered “responsive” when its… Read More

People love flashy designs. Boring old words, not so much. That’s why far too many companies place an emphasis on their website’s design first. They want the flash, not the function. It’s a backwards way of thinking; the definition of putting the cart before a blindfolded horse – and then shooting the horse. It can… Read More

Why on EARTH would anyone post THAT on social media?” It’s something we’ve all thought at one time or another. It is amazing that we see off-color words and such ridiculous and embarrassing comments posted for the whole world to see. Obviously, there are times when that little voice says, “Maybe I should think about… Read More

Oh yes, there are times when we have a big push to complete a special project or mission, but for the most part our lives during this period have one interruption after another. Do not despair! This is the perfect time for “small plates” of work. Single tasks that need to be done, but never… Read More

When we say the words, “Order taking” a certain image comes to mind. A catalogue, an order form, putting letters and numbers in boxes to facilitate the purchase of something. Order taking evolved from paper forms, to calling an 800 number, to simply going onto a website, highlighting the items and dragging them to a… Read More