When did the noun Google – the name of a company – become a verb? In July 1998 Google co-founder Larry Page wrote “Have fun and keep googling” on a mailing list, thus using the word as a participle, supposing an intransitive verb. Technically it means using the Google Search Engine to find information on… Read More

Looking hard at what we do and why we do it will often result in significant savings. We all know that UPS is one of the cheapest guys in town when it comes to saving money. (That is a compliment.) In 2004, they actually created a navigational program to map driving routes with mostly right… Read More

In 1996 Congress passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The purpose was in part to protect our personal health information (PHI) and to ensure equal access to health and human services. Over time there have been additions to HIPAA; all of which strengthened the privacy protection for our citizens. It has now established… Read More

Silo-mentality. The silo is that pattern we see when each department within a company operates as a stand-alone unit. Often each department has their own goals and boundaries, sees the company only from their perspective. This territorial attitude makes it difficult for employees to understand your customer’s experience with your company. Your business is not… Read More

The myriad of things we can/should/might/do to make our company successful can be overwhelming. Technology, finances, employees, insurance, customer service, marketing, customers – too much to do and too little time to do it. The order of this list is not random, but rather in the likely order of the demand on your time. Notice… Read More

Tis the season of organization! For the past month, store ads have been touting racks, bins, boxes and software that will help us eliminate clutter and accomplish more – rather than spending time looking for things. We know it is not always easy to make sure things stay organized. Finding information easily is one reason… Read More

During the holidays we discovered that the main address we have for some of our clients is no longer correct; especially when your invoices go to a different address. It’s easy to forget to tell us when you move to a different suite, a different street or, in one case, a different STATE! It isn’t… Read More

Hacking is more prevalent than ever before and we are asked to change our passwords so often sometimes WE can’t remember what they are. Keeping a list of the logins, passwords, access codes and account numbers that identify everything from our banking, credit card and financial information to insurance, social media and our phones is… Read More

People love flashy designs. Boring old words, not so much. That’s why far too many companies place an emphasis on their website’s design first. They want the flash, not the function. It’s a backwards way of thinking; the definition of putting the cart before a blindfolded horse – and then shooting the horse. It can… Read More

As the weather gets warmer, it gets harder to manage all the work that needs to be done. This is the perfect time for “small plates” of work. Single tasks that need to be done, but never get scheduled. Now is the time to … -Review your account profile at your answering service, eliminate old… Read More